Welcome to our family

The first week is loaded with emotions. Many of us feel anxious, uncertain and even a bit angry at times. It is difficult to sit same room with your coparent, specially when you don’t have a good, healthy, friendly or at least business type relationship with them.

Week one is gone, I hope that after this first session, you understand our program and our focus a bit better. Week two will be easier, it depends on you and only on you for this to be true.

Remember: Be Child-focused

Readings and Videos about the ACE

I also want to share this TED Talk video by Dr. Burke, explaining the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences in the physical health of your children. Leave your comment after you fully watch the video and explain your opinion in a way that pertains to our program

To visit the CDC website and read about the ACE


NPR Article and free ACE test


17 thoughts on “Welcome to our family

  1. This is Chris, I found the video very educational and a little scary too. Who knew that early adversity leads to the discussed severe problems in a child’s life. I’m so much more determined to prevent this from happening to my son, for I now see what trauma I have experienced that very well could’ve been the reason why I’ve gone through certain things in my life. If I’m able to keep my son from these traumas, I will!


  2. Divorce being one of the ACES can affect your child(ren’s) mental and physical well being. Learning to co-parent in a positive manner will reduce negative affects it could have on our children and also on us.


  3. This video was incredible! I have been a nurse for 20 years and I didn’t understand why or how ACES could affect a child’s health. I thought maybe because a child who experiences hardships are more prone to other activities, like drugs and alcohol, and she mentioned just that. I WAS WRONG! The fight or flight “bear” analogy makes 100% sense to me as a nurse! When the body releases too much cortisol this can be life threatening, we this in Cushing’s disease, where the cure is to remove adrenal glands -the glands responsible for releasing the chemical for this fight or flight. Wow I get it now…”what happens when the bear comes home every night”. This is an epidemic and I think not only should it be addressed in the medical world, but it NEEDS to be addressed with our legal system! Judges need to be educated in this for sure, and that education should trickle down to DCF officers, CPI investigators, ALL of these people need to be educated in this as well. “What happens when the bear comes home” is a profound statement.
    This was so enlightening. Adverse childhood experiences are so unrecognized, like the video said and especially in a legal system that sometimes doesn’t even let children speak, and when they have an appointed voice sometimes that voice is forcefully silenced……..


    1. This makes me want to reverse the ACES that my child has, so that she and I could live the healthiest lives we can. I hope to incorporate everything I learn from FACES into making me a better co-parent for the sake of my child LITERALLY.


  4. This is the first time I have heard of something like this. I am very glad to be informed about ACES. This video has informed me about the various complications that an ACE can cause. The video has also shown me that my child has already gone through some adverse experiences. I will try my best to prevent my child from further adverse experiences and I look forward to implementing the teachings of this video and the class to grow as co-parent.


  5. This video was an eye opener. Sadly my child has been exposed to some of these behaviors, and although he could not understand what it was happending at the time (he is only 23 months) I am afraid that he might have felt stress due to these behaviors. However, I am committed to protect my child and avoid at all costs these type of situations and I am sure that dad will do the same.


  6. I dont have any problems with my children because we spoke about everything. And I try for them to have and live a healthy life.


  7. Great speech! Some thing started to make sense to me now. I was always wondering why some people in my life who never use drugs or alcohol, eating healthy and have overall good life as an adult, suddenly get sick with a nasty disease. Indeed, this are the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences.
    Dr. Burke is right, the change must begin within ourselves.


  8. I really enjoyed this messages as it opened my eyes to many things I was unaware of. ACES is something new and fresh to me and it made me aware that my children, both common and uncommon with my soon to be ex-husband have subconsciously been exposed to some of these behaviors/situations in a sense. As the class progresses I am interested to learn more about this and other topics and explore healthy alternatives for my children.


  9. This vedio was very insightful…not to mention very well sponken.
    This study will cause you to realize or bring you the realition of ACEs.
    This explains why most people isolate themself and blame there if there issues


  10. Wow, I never thought that this could be so impactful. Even after the teachers mentionned this study in parenting class, I didn’t understand how much this could change a child future health outcome. I thought that it was more a psychological impact. But after she explained the science, about the fight or flight response, it makes so much sense now. I will do my best to shiel my son from the ACEs.


  11. Thank you very interesting video,
    The lady stated the problem and said that only one area in the US is taking the initiative to prevent , solve or treat the problem, but the problem remains unacknowledged in the rest of the country.
    It is sad that if the healthsystem and the court system are not acknowledging such huge problem, normal individuals will not!
    After all some individuals will not do anything to help their kids unless forced to or court ordered to do so.
    They have a sense of entitlement, to please their ego and hide their insecurity.
    They treat their kids as a lifeless property


  12. Well, the video was an eye opener, I scored a 5 but as stated in another article this questioning does not add all of the positive I have had in my life.


  13. Before watching this video I would have probably said the same thing, that people that have been through some ACEs would be alcoholic and just misbehave but it goes deeper than that. I wouldn’t have tought that heart disease and cancer could be a results of these stressors. Eye opener!!


  14. The video is amazing, it open your mind to understand new concepts about diseases.. It also explain things that were difficult to understand.
    i am very determined to not let my child be a victim of ACE event.


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