Week 3

Welcome to week 3. I hope that things are getting easier by now. Easier to sit in the same classroom as your coparents, easier to ask questions and easier to at least use common courtesies.

Since this week we learned the importance of managing our emotions, I wanted to share this article (in PDF format) written by Bill Eddy from the High Conflict Institute with you. You can also click here to visit the High Conflict Institute and find a lot of great resources that will teach you how to deal with high conflict individuals.


One of your assignments also include to write a forgiveness letter and then to burn that letter. The next article is from a fantastic website I follow, The Greater Good Science Center from UC Berkeley. This site is a wonderful resource for parents by the way. It has several short exercises, articles and resources to help you and your children improve your lives. This particular article talks about the science of forgiveness.

After you read this article, tell me in the comment section if you think everything is forgivable.



9 thoughts on “Week 3

  1. After reading the article I can say everyone has their own reasons for forgiving someone or not who’s hurt them or done bad things to them, but it’s in the individual weather they want to keep engaged in that negivitiy effecting there life and kids upbringing, everyone level of forgiveness varys, but forgiveness within one’s self is needed to live a healthy life style.


  2. Weather an action or inaction is forgivable depends on the person. Some people may also require more time than others to come to the terms of the grievance before they can consider giving forgiveness. Is everything forgivable, no because there will always be people that have different opinions about what is forgivable and what is not and you cannot force someone to forgive another person.

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  3. I don`t believe that everything is forgivable. In my opinion forgiveness is like respect, it needs to be earned. I don`t believe that to move on and to be happy you have to forgive the person that hurt you. On the contrary, the only person that I think I should forgive is myself for staying in an abusive and unhealthy relationship.


  4. Forgiveness is for myself more than the offender. I think there are offenses that are less forgiveable than others such as murder, rape, genocide, abuse of a child etc. I think I personally can forgive many things for my benefit and the benefit of my children but in some cases the interactions between people and relationships may still change based to the level of the offense, for the sake of healthy boundaries and redefined relationships.

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  5. After reading the article I believe that forgiveness is more so for oneself. Yeah we forgive for others or so that others are aware that we are in the forgiving mind state but it mainly affects the forgiver not the person being forgiven. The person who doing the forgiving is the one who is bearing all the burden.


  6. Forgiveness to me means coming to peace with the past and not carry that pain towards my future. Forgiveness is possible but the person does not forget. It is also important to forgive your previous partner otherwise you will carry that baggage to your next partner and setting that new relationship to fail eventually.


  7. Everything is forgivable but inam not sure if the offense continues , or the harm from this person continues will you be able to forget them.
    I mean you keep forgiving hurtful actions from them but their hurt actions continue in many ways .
    I feel everything is forgivable to a limit.
    After that you cut them off to be at peace with yourself and to avoid being in constant abuse


    1. Forgiving is important and important if we were to put the past behind us. Sometimes we need to hold onto the very thing that prevents us from Forgiving in order to cope and survive. Overall with therapy and time Forgiving the person and or action will only bring peace and good health in oder to move on.


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