Week 5

This week we learned about anger and how it develops. As your learned in class, it is important to learn your triggers in order to manage your emotions. However, it is equally imperative to learn what helps you control your anger. I hope you are practicing the skills learned in class!

Do you remember how to reframe?


Force yourself to think of the good qualities your coparent has. If you are having trouble, then see them through your children’s eyes. This will help you see your co-parent is a more positive way. Let’s stop seeing them like the devil emoji!

Remember, this is:

meme how you see how they see

It is not a good idea to contact your coparent when in anger. There are so many things that you can do to improve your mood when feeling angry.  For me, a good chocolate bar improves my mood in no time. Some people count to 10, others clean the house. Yes, some people feel better after vacuuming or dusting, weird, I know. I am sure I can help them feel better, there is plenty to clean at my home.

What are your strategies?

3 thoughts on “Week 5

  1. My steps to improve my mood are the following: watch a movie, walk my dogs, pray, breath, call a friend or family member. Encourage my children to use these methods or develop there own.


  2. My way of improving my mood is taking a deep breath, hugging my kids and kissing them .
    I also listen to music and I pray to God speciallt with the psalms.
    I talk to my mother .


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