Week 4

You made it to week 4, congrats! We learned how to do BIFF responses this past week. Don’t forget to practice this helpfull and efficient skill. Follow this link to the High Conflict Institute and read this short article on the BIFF response, specially the part about the 3A’s. Use this information as a guide for your assignments and all future BIFF responses. I would … Continue reading Week 4

Week 3

Welcome to week 3. I hope that things are getting easier by now. Easier to sit in the same classroom as your coparents, easier to ask questions and easier to at least use common courtesies. Since this week we learned the importance of managing our emotions, I wanted to share this article (in PDF format) written by Bill Eddy from the High Conflict Institute with … Continue reading Week 3

Week 2

Some thoughts on Flexible Thinking: One of the most popular ideas about flexible thinking is that it is “thinking outside of the box.” But what if you are thinking outside of the box and what you need is precisely to think “inside of the box?” I personally think, that this is what flexible thinking is all about. Sometimes you have to think outside, and sometimes … Continue reading Week 2